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Appellate Court Goes Green?

posted Aug 30, 2017, 9:23 AM by J. Isaacs
Philadelphia Public Record, August 12, 2017:

In a first for Pennsylvania’s Green Party, a Superior Court candidate will be carrying its banner in the fall general-election campaign. The campaign to elect Jules Mermelstein to the Pennsylvania Superior Court has announced that thanks to the efforts of volunteers across 44 counties, he will be on the ballot for Nov. 7.

More than 4,300 Pennsylvania voters submitted their signatures for the campaign to nominate Jules for Judge. On July 28, nearly double the signatures needed to place Mermelstein on the ballot were submitted. None were challenged over the following days.
Mermelstein has worked as an attorney, and both as a high-school and college government teacher. He spent more than two decades teaching Sunday school to teens and was elected five terms as a township official. In two of Mermelstein’s bids for Upper Dublin Township Commissioner, he was endorsed by both major parties. Now, as a Green Party candidate, Mermelstein believes he will bring much-needed nonpartisan integrity to a judicial system that he sees as plagued by corruption.
“As a former criminal defense attorney,” Mermelstein told Green Party members from around the U.S. at a recent national conference, “I am fully aware of the racism inherent in that system. I actually argued a case once to a judge that the Commonwealth hadn’t proven my client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and his response from the bench in open court was, ‘The fact that your client’s Black makes it worse.’ I took that appeal actually to the court I’m running for and got an order for a new trial before a different judge.”
Mermelstein has vowed to travel tirelessly across the state to press his candidacy.